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VMware CPU Ready Time

March 11th, 2014

I have been surprised that recently this has come back to haunt me as an issue, and a major one at that.

So what’s the issue? Well, long story short, if you starve your virtual estate of CPU resources you’ll get CPU ready-state issues. Broadly this is caused by 2 issues, you’ve over-committed your CPU resources (consolidation ratio is too high), or your virtual machines are sized too big (and their workload is too high).

VMware vSphere is very clever with it’s CPU virtualisation. In order to allow multiple virtual machines share the same CPU space, it schedules them in and out. Needless to say this happens very quickly, and generally speaking the only thing you’ll notice is that you consume very little CPU and have a very high consolidation ratio. The problem really occurs with large VMs (4+ vCPU’s). vSphere needs to be a lot more intelligent about this, as all vCPU’s need to be scheduled at the same time, or skewed slightly (part of the relaxed co-scheduling in 5.0+). The window of opportunity to schedule these gets narrower the more vCPU’s you assign, so a 4 vCPU machine needs to wait for 4 logical cores to be available (hyper-threaded cores count as individual logical cores), and 8 vCPU machine needs to wait for 8. The busier a vSphere host is, the longer a queue there may be for CPU resources and the harder it is to schedule all the vCPU’s is. While a machine is waiting for CPU resources to be available, it is in a ready-state (meaning it has CPU transactions to process, but can’t as no resources are available). The relaxed co-scheduling means it doesn’t always have to wait for all vCPU’s to be scheduled at the same time on logical physical cores, but it’s a rule of thumb when sizing.

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Preview of NetApp Host Utilities v6

April 28th, 2009

Finally a proper plugin to vCentre. This looks very cool, and obviously will avoid the limitations of the COS in ESXi and vSphere. I hope we can expect this soon!

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