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snapmirror.conf basics

April 4th, 2009

This search seems to come up quite a lot, so I thought I’d cover it quickly. I’m going to steer away from covering SnapMirror as a whole, and just look at the format of the snapmirror.conf file. I will also steer away from Synchronous SnapMirror as I’m not a huge fan, I prefer SyncMirror!

First, you can find it in /etc/snapmirror.conf. Edit it using either rdfile / wrfile (see “[cref basic-file-manipulation-on-a-filer]” for a bit more on these), or map to /vol/etc and edit them with your favourite text editor (but not Windows Notepad please!). Once you get used to the formatting, you’ll be writing these with your eyes closed! Having said that, I usually need to refer to something for reference!

The basic layout is…

source_filer:volume_name destination_filer:volume_name options min hour dom dow

This drops it down into very simple terms, a good reference to start with. The “volume_name” can of course be a QTree if you are doing qsm, but I will concentrate on VSM for now.

The options section is often left blank. Any blank entry from options through the schedule will be filled in with “-“. So if you are setting up SnapManager for Exchange or SQL, you would create a relationship with this setting, do a baseline, then get SMx to manage the replication. Leaving the option as a single “-” assumes you accept the default for all settings. If you define one setting, the others are assumed to stay the defaults.

The options you can choose from are…

  • “kbs=” to limit the transfer speeds to whatever number you define here. This is in kilobytes, so remember to convert it for WAN speeds.

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