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Northern UK VMware User Group

March 13th, 2011

So the Northern England VMUG has been announced and all confirmed, and I’m happy to confirm that I will be attending, and I will be presenting, twice! Very much looking forward to this, last one clashed selfishly with NetApp Insight so I couldn’t make it, but I’m definitely looking forward to this event. It looks like it could be the biggest to date, although these are growing in popularity each time one comes around, so no big surprise there! Here is the email regarding the event, please sign up and come down, I’ll be happy to take questions and conversations outside of the sessions and I’m planning on being around all day for it. Many thanks once again to Brendon Higgins for organising a very comprehensive event that promises to have something for everything. Additionally huge thanks to all the other guys presenting, I just hope there aren’t too many great presentations that clash with my own, not as they’ll steal my audience, but as I won’t be able to watch! Finally a big thanks to all the corporate sponsors, without whom these events would never be as successful or lavishly hosted, including my own employer B2net (unfortunately I think that means I can’t win an iPad :( ).

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