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SMS with NetApp FlexClone

February 3rd, 2009

I was working with a customer that was just about to deploy a group of new SMS servers for application deployment in their domain. They have about 150GB worth of applications, this all needs to go on their filer, needs to get snapshotted, and also needs 5 SMS deployment servers (each needing the same applications). That adds up to around about 1TB of storage (including the defaults for Fractional Reservation and Snap Reserve).

This won’t do for me and is a lot of wasted storage! The idea is that we have 1 “master” SMS deployment server, in reality they are all equal, but we use the first in the list as the “master”, as such. Each machine will get any new applications deployed to it each day, but in the night (run it daily) the storage is blown away and the master gets it’s applications volume cloned and shared out again.

All in, with various storage tweaks, I think the customer ended up using about 200GB!

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