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March 3rd, 2009

*> scsi
scsi — scsi testing utilities
usage: scsi <options>
        NOTE: all <device_name> arguments are of the form:
                path_identifier is <switch:port> | <adapter>
                device_identifier is <device_id[L<logical_unit_number>

Options are:
        capacity <device_name>
                reads the capacity of a device
        dumpfailures [-s]  <device_name>
                display failure information bytes read from disk
        format  <device_name> …
                formats a device
        inquiry [-s] <device_name>
                retrieves inquiry data from the scsi device
        verify [ -l lba ] [ -n <num_sectors> ] <device_name> …
                verify a device
        modeselect -p <page> {-o <offset> -v <value>}… <device_name>
                sets the device parameter pages
        modesense -p <page> [-t {current|changeable|default|saved}] <device_name>
                returns the device parameter pages
        readdefect [-b] -t {primary|grown} <device_name>
                read in the defect list for the device
        reset <device_name>
                resets the device
        start <device_name>
                start up a device
        stop <device_name>
                stop a device
        test [ -h <adapter> ] <device_name>
                sends a test unit ready to the device
        write_maint_file <filename>
                reads a binary maintenance test result file and writes it to a text file
        writefailure -u <device_name>
                write unfail information to disk
        drive_log [-p] <device_name | all>
                Retrieves Health Trigger logs from the designated disk(s).  The -p option retrieves partial log file(s).

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