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ONTAP Install / Re-initialize

June 9th, 2009

This is meant as a very quick guide to installing ONTAP onto disks that do not have an operating system already, or destroying an existing set of disks and re-installing ONTAP from scratch. Remember that this process is very destructive, any data on any disks attached to the system will be completely wiped and re-initialised. If you have disks that you want to attach to this system, but they also have data you want to keep on them, please make sure you leave them detached from the system until you have finished the disk initialisation process!

You will need a console connection to the sytem for most of the process, I’d recommend for all of it to be honest. You will have a filer head, and a shelf of disks. If this is going to be a cluster and you have software ownership enabled, then I’d first get the systems connected to their own disks and get ONTAP installed before you complete the full cluster cabling or any HA cabling.

If you just need to upgrade the installation of ONTAP, checkout [cref ontap-upgrades].

If the system does not have a base installation on the Compact Flash card already, then you will need to first NetBoot the system.

When the system boots, you will be prompted to break the boot sequence (either CTRL+C or any key), shortly after this and the system POST checks, it’ll start loading the ONTAP version that is on the Compact Flash card. At this point you will be prompted to press CTRL+C to get special boot options made available. You’ll want to be watching as you want to catch this prompt, so hit CTRL+C. When the system has finished it’s POST checks, you’ll be warned about the partner if this is / was configured as a cluster, agree to this so long as you are sure you are ready!

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