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My Own Official NetApp Blog!!!

February 10th, 2009

After talking with a few of the guys that run the NetApp communities, they have agreed to give me my own community area as well as my own official NetApp blog. This is a big step for both parties. Firstly for me as I suddenly have quite a large audience, so I have a good reason to write about stuff that people really want to hear about. For NetApp it gives them a new independent twist to their communities, and hopefully in a positive way.

So why do I think this will work? What makes a community site and blog popular?

I think this is down to the audience and giving them the confidence to participate. From the community point of view, I can see what NetApp are trying to achieve with the new communities, but looking around it’s clear that it’s being used heavily by NetApp employees to ask each other questions, and not so much used by the end-users and the storage engineers.

So why am I going to inject some life into this? I’m very candid and open with my opinions and responses; I’m also not a NetApp employee! This means I have no allegiance and I have no hidden agendas. I’m a technical engineer, I want to see things work, whatever the solution! I’m hoping I can add some independent advice and some real world experiences into the mix.

I’d also like to encourage other NetApp experts out there to join in on the communities. I love helping people, and I love solving problems, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there! Hopefully the new community area can be an area to encourage people to join in and get involved.

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