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SnapMirror Setup Script

March 14th, 2010

I had the task of replicating an existing customers filer to their new DR system. This was quite a large system, and as much as creating SnapMirrors isn’t particularly complex, it is time consuming. So as with many things I do, I wrote a script to help my achieve this task quicker, and go have yet another coffee.

You’ll need pre-shared keys setup (as ever), but the rest is prompted for. There’s no data validation (no surprise). The script will output 4 text files, one for creating/restricting all the volumes, one for the “snapmirror.conf”, on to be used in place of “snapmirror.conf” while you are doing the baseline initialization, and finally one to actually initialize the snapmirrors. There’s no intelligence around concurrent streams, so initialization is still a bit of a juggling act and waiting game.

Please let me know if you find this useful.


echo “Please enter the name of the PRIMARY filer: ”

echo “Please enter the name of the DR filer: ”

ConnectString=”ssh -c 3des”


echo “” > ${DR_FILER}_filer_volumes.txt
echo “” > ${DR_FILER}_snapmirror.conf
echo “” > ${DR_FILER}_sm_initialize.txt
echo “” > ${DR_FILER}_snapmirror_init.conf

for AGGR in `${ConnectString} $PRI_FILER “aggr status” | awk ‘$2!~/State/{print $1}’`
 SIZE=`${ConnectString} $PRI_FILER “df -Ah $AGGR” | sed ‘s/\([0-9][KMGT]\)B/\1/g’ | awk ‘$1!~/.snapshot|Aggregate/{print $2}’`
 for VOL in `${ConnectString} $PRI_FILER “aggr show_space $AGGR” | awk ‘$1!~/Space/{print $0}’ | awk ‘$4~/volume|file|none/{print $1}’`
  echo “vol create ${VOL} -s none ${AGGR} ${SIZE} ” >> ${DR_FILER}_filer_volumes.txt
  echo “vol restrict ${VOL}” >> ${DR_FILER}_filer_volumes.txt
  echo “snapmirror initialize -S ${PRI_FILER}:${VOL} ${DR_FILER}:${VOL}” >> ${DR_FILER}_sm_initialize.txt
  echo “${PRI_FILER}:${VOL} ${DR_FILER}:${VOL} – ${SnapMirrorMinute} ${SnapMirrorHour} * *” >> ${DR_FILER}_snapmirror.conf
  echo “${PRI_FILER}:${VOL} ${DR_FILER}:${VOL} – – – – -” >> ${DR_FILER}_snapmirror_init.conf

  SnapMirrorMinute=`expr $SnapMirrorMinute + $SnapMirrorStagger`

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Waiting and the Progress Bar

January 22nd, 2009

I sent a twitter out last night from my car as I sat in Holyhead waiting for my ferry to Dublin (we live an exotic life). How much of our lives do we waste waiting around for stuff? As an Englishman (in the loosest possible sense), I know how to queue and I do so very politely and quietly!

But then this British past time of queueing and waiting has transcended into the IT world. How many times have you sat there watching a progress bar as something installs, or you wait for something to copy. What happened to multi-tasking?

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