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Why do I finally care about Microsoft HyperV?

December 7th, 2012
System Center 2012

Microsoft System Center 2012

It’s not a secret that traditionally I’ve been a big fan of VMware and it’s product portfolio. But with the latest release of Microsoft’s extensive 2012 portfolio (the Systems Center stack and the Windows stack) I suddenly find myself unable to be dismissive of this stack any more. I’m not dismissing RHEV, Xen or Oracle for a second here either, I’m just focusing on VMware and Microsoft for various reasons (which I won’t go into here). Traditionally it’s been quite easy, although Microsoft had some great marketing around their private cloud technology it just wasn’t quite there for me at the hypervisor level, but 2012 fixes a lot of that! Just a quick overview of HyperV features that make it a contender.

  • Live Migration – functionally a good comparison with vMotion
  • Cluster Shared Volumes – a great alternative to VMFS and SMB support is exciting!
  • Dynamic Memory – we could argue all day as to why VMware’s memory technology is different / better than Microsoft’s and vice-versa. Simply put they do a very similar thing and net gains are going to be very similar. But server memory is cheap! And applications like Oracle, SQL and Java grab it all regardless and prevent any fancy hypervisor techniques.
  • Virtual Networking – Always one of my biggest complaints / criticisms with HyperV, but it seems Microsoft might just have finally fixed this.

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