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fcadmin lip

April 11th, 2009

fcadmin lip <channel_name>

This is used to issue a LIP (Loop Initialisation Primitive) reset on the defined channel name. It is vendor specific reset on a loop port, specified by the AL-PA value.

You can use “fcp stats” to show how many LIP resets have been performed by the system.

If an arbitrated loop (disk loop for instance) has been reinitialised repeatedly, it may interfere with the initialisation of disk loops. To cure this, you can either reboot the filer, or issue a “fcadmin lip <channel_name>” where <channel_name> is the unitiliased loop.

fcadmin lip can be used to reset a loop and try cure or diagnose issues with connectivity. The connectivity problems should be solved before issuing this command. It may also be beneficial to “boot_diags” and run through the system diagnostics to determine if there are any hardware issues with the system.

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