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Designed to Fail

March 26th, 2014
English: Alan Shepard in capsule aboard Freedo...

English: Alan Shepard in capsule aboard Freedom 7 before launch—1961 Alan Shepard became the first American in space on May 5, 1961. He launched aboard his Mercury-Redstone 3 rocket named Freedom 7–the suborbital flight lasted 15 minutes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m writing this a little bit for my wife and non-technical friends. As I was thinking through this idea it occurred to me that it’s not particularly technical, and it’s a great way of explaining what I spent a lot of my time doing when I’m actually designing solutions.

Recently both my wife and my phones have broken in various ways, she dropped hers and it’s never been the same since, mine just had some dodgy hardware failure and trying to fix it made it worse. The technology we buy is generally put together by the cheapest hardware provider, with the lowest cost commodity technology (not always the case, but largely true). Mass production lowers costs, so does cutting corners and reducing redundancy (multiple components that are there solely to take over when one fails).

In general home life most of us don’t bother with redundancy, some of us may have more than one desktop PC or laptop, but most of us will only have one personal phone, one big-screen TV, one Blueray player, etc. etc. We buy commodity and we accept that it is a commodity and prone to failure. Some of us don’t realise this and get upset when technology fails (perhaps a lot of us don’t realise this!), but when you remember that the technology you have isn’t necessarily the best (the best is expensive) but the cheapest, you’ll realise why it’s so prone to failure. This is why the home technology insurance industry is so strong!

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