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Spares FAQ

June 7th, 2009

I’ve seen a few search hits over the past weeks for spares, making spares, removing spares, disable spares and so on, so I thought I’d put down a quick FAQ on the subject. I will add to this as more searches come up, or if people ask specific questions.

How do I make new spares?

Any disk in your system, that is owned but has no data on it will be marked as a spare disk. Most systems have disk auto-assign enabled, but you can do a “disk assign <disk_id>” to do it hard. Be careful to get the <disk_id> correct as there are ways to override the protection and remove disks from a partner!

You cannot remove disks from an aggregate! This is very important, so grow your aggregates with caution, it’s easy to grow, impossible to shrink. If you’ve grown your aggregate too much then you’ll need to destroy it to regain those spares (that’s a bummer!).

If a disk has been moved around, or previously had data on it, you’ll need to zero it. “disk zero spares” does the job, depending on the size of the disk will depend on how long it takes, usually no more than 4 hours even for the largest of disks (at time of writing, 1TB disks).

How do I remove spares?

This depends what you are removing them for. Adding them in to an aggregate, just a simple case of “aggr add ….”. To remove them from the system, you can pretty much just hot pull it out. Disable autosupport first though, or you’ll probably get a replacement in the post ;). To swap them accross systems, you can use “disk remove_ownership <disk_id>” and then on the newer system “disk assign <disk_id>”, or if you’re lazy, “disk assign all”!

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