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DevOps vs IT-Ops

March 17th, 2014

I’ve spent the last few months closely monitoring the job boards, and because of my web development background I get flagged for development jobs. Interestingly the vast majority of development roles seem to be pitched as DevOps roles. Initially this got my interested as I’d be very interested in doing a DevOps role (my dev skills are rusty, but I can do the Ops side pretty well). But it seems the majority of DevOps roles are simply just Development roles with a bit of config management included, and the config management is code related, not infrastructure related.

If you look at the IT Operations side of things, these guys are getting more involved in automated builds, infrastructure configuration management and the ubiquitous immutable server concept. The problem is there is significant cross-over in the tooling for DevOps and IT-Ops. If you’re looking at something like Chef, Puppet, Ansible or Salt, one of the key decision factors is are you a developer or an infrastructure person. Developers are more likely to understand Github repositories and workflows, while infrastructure guys will understand more scripting an automated build. With the major infrastructure virtualisation vendors coming to the party with things like VMware’s Application Director and Data Director, as well as Microsoft’s App-Controller, this market is quickly becoming busy.

But the key question is still, are you a developer or an infrastructure person? Either an infrastructure person is building a template to hand-over to development, or a developer is taking a pre-built template and automating their code over the top of it. What about DevOps then? At what point will the infrastructure operations team actually work closely with the development team? Maybe the question is closer to: At what point will the infrastructure team let the development team get closer to the infrastructure, and at what point will the development team let the infrastructure team get closer to their code? There’s still too many arguments one way or the other (your code isn’t optimised for a virtual stack, your infrastructure isn’t dynamic enough for our code, etc. etc.).

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New beginnings

March 11th, 2014

First new post in what, 2-3 years? still performs admirably and now that I’ve moved roles I figure it’s time to re-visit my old flames. My home lab needs a re-build and upgrade and that should get documented!

So I’ve moved into the big scary world of contract based work, I started my first role a couple of weeks ago, and so far it’s going great. I want to keep an update on my exploits, the challenges real customers are facing and share some of my generic musings. The site will be less NetApp centric, but I still have my roots in storage!

My first role involved a lot of interesting challenges, but there’s some great technology available here too. A strong DevOps team (that need help integrating the Ops bit, doesn’t everyone?), lots of Big Data challenges, and an immediate project to look at creating a much more responsive infrastructure, including where cloud services fit in. I started life as a web developer, and it’s great being back at a dotcom company and seeing how the challenges have evolved.

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