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July 7th, 2009

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dd – copy blocks of data


dd [ [if= file ] | [ din= disknum bin= blocknum ] ] [ [of= file ] | [ dout= disknum bout= blocknum ] ] count= number_of_blocks


dd copies the specified number of blocks from source to destination. Source and destination may be specified as either a file that is a fully qualified pathname, or as a starting block on a disk. The parameter disknum may range from zero to the maximum number reported by sysconfig -r. In the latter form of specifying source or destination, both disknum and blocknum must be specified. If the source is missing, input is taken from standard input; if the destination is missing, output is sent to standard output. If the number of blocks exceeds the size of the file, copying stops upon reaching EOF.



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February 6th, 2009

Again, this is documented, but I find this tool can be useful for other purposes. It is useful for simply copying files around, regardless of permissions! It can also be used to copy files out of snapshots, even if you don’t have SnapRestore.

dd if=/vol/vol0/.snapshot/hourly.0/etc/rc of-/vol/vol0/etc/rc.old

if = input file
of = output file

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