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NetApp Man Pages

July 7th, 2009

NetApp have kindly given me permission to republish their man pages here. They still need a little tidying up, but the sheer quantity means it’ll take me awhile to get them all sorted and cross-referenced properly, please excuse any visual issues for the moment. I wrote a quick parsing tool to get all the info on here, so there may be a few issues resulting from that still.

I’ve always liked the way that PHP have their function pages giving users the ability to comment directly onto them. This allows people to leave feedback on functions and tools, and also follow up with some extra uses or syntax for commands that aren’t necessarily clearly published. Hopefully this can feed back into NetApp to improve their documentation.

I’d definitely like to encourage people to comment on the man pages with anything that may be useful, and hopefully build this into a useful little reference section. Many thanks again for the NetApp folk for helping me with this.

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