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July 7th, 2009

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cli – Data ONTAP command language interperter (CLI)


The Data ONTAP CLI is a command language interpreter that executes commands from the Data ONTAP console. You can access the console with a physical connection, through telnet, or through the Remote LAN Manager (RLM). The commands can also be executed using rsh and ssh protocols.

You can concatenate commands together on the same line by separating the commands with semi-colons, (;).

The quoting rules in the Data ONTAP CLI are unusual. There is no escape character like the backslash; however there are the following special characters:

    & (ampersand)     – unicode indicator     # (pound sign)    – comment indicator     ; (semicolon)     – command separator     ‘ (single quote)  – parameter wrapper     ” (double quote)  – parameter wrapper       (space)         – parameter separator       (tab)           – parameter separator 

When special characters are part of a command argument, the argument needs to be surrounded by quotes or the character will be treated as a special character. A single quote character needs to be surrounded by double quote characters and a double quote character needs to be surrounded by single quote characters. The other special characters can be surrounded by either single or double quotes.


The following examples show quote usage:

qtree create /vol/test_vol/’qtree 1′

The qtree qtree 1 is created.

qtree create /vol/test_vol/’qtree#1′

The qtree qtree#1 is created.

qtree create /vol/test_vol/”qtree’1″

The qtree qtree’1 is created.

qtree create /vol/test_vol/’hello”‘”‘”1

The qtree hello”‘1 is created.

cifs shares add jふxp /vol/test_vol/home

Creates a share with a Japanese character; whereas

cifs shares add "jふxp" /vol/test_vol/home

Creates the share jふxp.

sysconfig; version

Executes the sysconfig and version commands.


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CLI in FilerView

January 18th, 2009

I often get given the web interface to the filers and left to it. There are a few bits that are only command line.

Quick tip is if you click on use command line (horrible Java Applet) it’ll usually ask you for login details. Click on the link again and it’ll usually let you in without login! If this still fails, be persistent or click the connect button in the Java Applet and then go back into it. Can be a lifesaver in some situations, in others it can lockout the users account, so don’t click it too many times if it keeps failing!

The Applet is pants though, but can be useful if you just need to run a single command or two.

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