March 3rd, 2009

Unfortunately I don’t have any SAS disks to play with at the moment. But I really want to know what “sasadmin sata_anarchy” does :)

*> sasadmin
Usage: sasadmin dev_stats [<adapter_name>]
       sasadmin dev_phy_disable <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>.<bay_id>
       sasadmin dev_phy_reset <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>.<bay_id>
       sasadmin dev_phy_clear_affiliation <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>.<bay_id>
       sasadmin dev_power_cycle <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>.<bay_id>
       sasadmin adapter_phy_enable <adapter_name> <phy_num>
       sasadmin adapter_phy_disable <adapter_name> <phy_num>
       sasadmin expander_phy_disable <adapter_name>.<shelf_id> <phy_num>
       sasadmin expander_profile_byte {{-h <adapter_name> -s <shelf_id>} | -w <shelf_wwn>} [-o <byte offset>] -v <ctrl value> -l <module id>
       sasadmin expander_reset_count {{-h <adapter_name> -s <shelf_id>} | -w <shelf_wwn>} -l <module id>
       sasadmin expander_cli <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>[.<module id>] “<command>”
       sasadmin expander_ctrl {{-h <adapter_name> -s <shelf_id>} | -w <shelf_wwn>} [-p <phy number>] -v <ctrl value> -l <module id>
       sasadmin expander_phy_reset <adapter_name>.<shelf_id> <phy_num>
       sasadmin expander_phy_dongle_data <adapter_name>.<shelf_id> <phy_num>
       sasadmin expander_phy_power_off <adapter_name>.<shelf_id> <phy_num>
       sasadmin expander_phy_power_on <adapter_name>.<shelf_id> <phy_num>
       sasadmin expander_phy_mux_reset <adapter_name>.<shelf_id> <phy_num>
       sasadmin adapter_reset <adapter_name>
       sasadmin adapter_offline <adapter_name>
       sasadmin adapter_online <adapter_name>
       sasadmin adapter_state [<adapter_name>]
       sasadmin adapter_reservation_state <adapter_name>
       sasadmin adapter_force_clear_reservations <adapter_name>
       sasadmin adapter_force_rediscovery <adapter_name>
       sasadmin expander <adapter_name>[.<shelf_id>]
       sasadmin expander_map [<adapter_name>]
       sasadmin expander_phy_state [<adapter_name>[.<shelf_id>]]
       sasadmin expander_routes <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>
       sasadmin shelf [<adapter_name>]
       sasadmin shelf_short [<adapter_name>]
       sasadmin channels
       sasadmin sata_anarchy <adapter_name>.<shelf_id>.<bay_id> <subcommand>

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