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February 7th, 2009

filer1*> raid_config reconfig
maximum disks possible 56
maximum raid groups possible 400
maximum traditional volumes and aggregates possible 200
maximum stripes possible 32
average raid group size 14
No. of disks in system  3
No. of groups in system  1
No. of traditional volumes and aggregates in system  1
Maximum write disks active  56
Maximum write groups active 4
Maximum reconstructs  2
Maximum reconstruction size 8
Maximum disk copy operations  4
RAID buffer reserve  4132
RAID adjust buffer reserve  0
average raid disk write queue length  50
average raid disk read queue length   50
average raid disk write transfer rate 50
average raid disk read transfer rate  100

My favourite output from this command is “maximum disks possible”. I can never remember the max spindle count without looking it up, so this makes it easier!

If only this could be altered!

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