March 3rd, 2009

One of the most useful commands. This can save you in certain scenarios, and can be a time saver in others (will go into this later).

Once you have the networking setup (use ifconfig), then point netboot at a http or tftp server that has a copy of the ONTAP netboot image. When the system has booted, you still need to install ONTAP fully.

CFE> help netboot


     Boots the supplied URL off the network.


     netboot <URL>
     Where <URL> is either <http or tftp>://<server>/<path to file>

     netboot loads an image of Data ONTAP or Diagnostics off of the network
     and executes it. It loads the image from the user supplied URL.
     The URL can be either a TFTP or an HTTP network path.

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  1. Rich
    | #1

    What about the CFE command to change a normal filer to a v-series filer? Do you have that handy?



  2. | #2

    Hi Rich, I’m afraid I don’t have that command. Apparently it’s a closely held secret within NetApp as to whether it exists or not and is a factory return in order to change the personality of a system. It would 100% definitely void any support on the system if you did manage to change it.

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