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NetApp Updates E5500 Storage System

November 19th, 2013

NetApp today refreshed its E5500, the flagship E-Series storage system designed for application-driven environments. The E5500 is targeted at performance-centric workloads with its impressive 12GB/s of sustained bandwidth and up to 400,000 sustained IOPS.

As part of today’s launch, the E5500 now includes host interface connectivity for quad-port 16Gb FC and 10Gb optical/copper iSCSI (something previously not part of its initial rollout in March of 2013).

Since the E5500 controllers are based upon the quad-core 2.0 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2418L (“Sandy Bridge”) architecture, NetApp also includes a rather unique performance boost called “Software XOR”. This enhancement augments Cache Mirroring Disabled (CMD) and Cache Mirroring Enabled (CME) write performance of the Intel RAID engine — giving it a competitive advantage over other Intel-based HPC storage systems.

As with other E-Series controllers, the E5500 can be configured with any of the three disk shelves: 2U/12-drive (DE1600), 2U/24-drive (DE5600), or 4U/60-drive (DE6600).

The E5500 supports a maximum of 384 SAS drives or 120 SSD drives. The actual scaling limit is 16 shelves, or the number of drive slots — whichever comes first (so you can’t have shelves with more drive slots than the limit or the drive addressing doesn’t work); this can result in less than the maximum drive slot count for some shelf configurations. The 60-drive shelf can only scale to 360 drives as an example, (60 drives / shelf x 6 shelves), but you can mix and match shelves to get to the maximum.

The updated E5500 includes SANtricity 11.10 and will be available for quoting/ordering beginning December 16, 2013.

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