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IBM Transitive

January 18th, 2009

So this week we heard that IBM have purchased Transitive. I’m no expert on Transitive, but I understand it’s a technology that allows running different architecture applications and systems onto a Intel based platform.

For me this is very exciting, because potentially it puts on the road map the ability to virtualise legacy mainframe based applications and systems. VMware can potentially get pushed even further into the heart of the Datacentre and the Enterprise. All those AS/400 systems I see tucked away in the corner that people are too scared to touch, but are essential to the running of the business. All those old Sun Enterprise servers running legacy Sybase / Oracle apps that people are scared to upgrade due to software support.

Suddenly we have the potential ability to virtualise these. So they can stay untouched, but we can retire the hardware! Fantastic news! Then we can also protect this investment further with all the usual perks of VMware, block level replication to DR, HA clustering and DRS gives us very little investment to protect our critical legacy systems.

As this is an IBM product, they can couple the VMware piece with N-Series replication, DeDuplication of Virtual Machines and all the usual jazz there. Put it on a cross-site MetroCluster, great fun! Surely it would make sense for IBM to drive this as this opens up a huge area of install base for them, and I am definitely hoping they do.

Definitely watch this space for future advancements in this.

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