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IBM N-Series Website

January 28th, 2009

IBM have recently changed all their links, so it’s even easier to get lost, also means all your old bookmarks won’t work! I’ve done a quick step-by-step guide on how to find things. It’s actually not that tricky to find when you get used to it, but I hardly ever use it, and always get lost! I’ve gotta give some training tomorrow and part of it is how to use the website, so thought I’d share a quick guide to the IBM site with everyone…

Software Downloads…

·         www.ibm.com

·         “Support & Downloads” -> “Downloads” -> “Fixes, updates and drives”

·         Category -> “System Storage”

·         Product Family -> “Network Attached Storage (NAS)”

·         Product -> “System Model”

·         Right hand side -> Sign In

·         Bottom of page, choose a section (system model gives all registered downloads including SMAI products)

·         Key Symbol: “Software Packages for registered N series customers”

·         Sign in (again)

·         Reconfirm web keys (pre-filled out)

·         Choose software to download.


I prefer to use simple HTTP rather than the IBM download manager, just change the tab at the top when you get to the download page.



·         “Support & Downloads” -> Documentation

·         From here you can either search, choose a link from the bottom, or narrow the search down…

·         “Choose support type:” -> “System Storage”

·         Right hand side, click documentation (again)

·         Choose “System Storage” (again)

·         “Product Family: ” -> “Network Attached Storage (NAS)”

·         Choose from the list at the bottom, the “N Series Solutions” has some good stuff in it, or choose a model / software group…

·         The next page doesn’t actually show you any documentation, so choose something from the bottom, under Documentation choose the product (again) or the “Search all documentation”.


You seem to have to repeat yourself several times to get to the documentation pages, and if you’re not used to it, makes you think you’ve done something wrong. But you really do need to go in circles. Once you know this, it’s not really that tricky to get around the site.

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  1. Rune
    | #1

    i think the best way to download software is:
    kick out that IBM box, and buy a Netapp, then you will have no problem finding/getting access to your download, AND support.

    IBM nSeries service really sucks.

  2. | #2


    I probably shouldn’t comment ;)

  3. scotty
    | #3

    one thing about ibm is though u can get the docs without needing authorization as a customer

  4. | #4

    yes, and actually the IBM RedBooks are very good also!

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