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dlm – Administer Dynamically Loadable Modules


dlm [ list | load objectfile | unload objectfile ]


The dlm command administers dynamically loadable modules (DLMs). A DLM is an independent section of Data ONTAP code (an object file) implementing a particular optional or configuration-dependent functional component.


Lists the names of currently loaded modules and their base addresses. The Data ONTAP kernel itself is treated as a module and this is always listed first. For example:
   kernel                           at 0x0xfffffc0000200000   /etc/modules/foo.mod             at 0x0x00000004444900b8 

Instructs the system to load a module identified by the name objectfile. See below for the form of this name.

Requests the system to unload the module object_file. This may fail if the module is in use.

Note: in normal use, there should never be a need to use the load or unload options since modules are loaded automatically when required.


Modules are object files which reside in the root filesystem in the /etc/modules directory. The full objectfile name of a module is of the form /etc/modules/foo.mod

Table of Contents

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