March 3rd, 2009

Fairly basic options with aggr. It’s useful if you have a foreign aggregate, or you need to change the boot aggregate without booting first (aggr options aggr_name root).

*> aggr
The following commands are available; for more information
type “aggr help <command>”
clear_rpbits        online              read_fsid           rewrite_fsid
destroy             options             rename             snaprestore_cancel
migrate             quota_off           restrict            status
offline             raidlabel

*> aggr clear_rpbits
aggr clear_rpbits <aggr-name> – clear reparity bits on aggregate <aggr-name>

*> aggr read_fsid aggr0
Aggregate aggr0 has an FSID of 0x4c4e6.

*> aggr rewrite_fsid aggr0
Aggregate ‘aggr0′ has had its FSID changed from 0x4c4e6 to 0x49b1e050.

*> aggr migrate
aggr migrate: No aggregate name supplied.
aggr migrate [-f] <atv-name> <recipient_name> <recipient_sysid>
  – migrates aggregate or traditional volume <atv-name>
    to the specified filer.

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